Supernatural Romance 'A Ghost Waits' Captures Hearts of Horror Lovers.

Supernatural Romance 'A Ghost Waits' was an audience favourite at Frightfest Glasgow and the Virtual Frightfest festival this August.

Can Love Conquer Death?

I decided at the last minute to watch A Ghost Waits as admittedly the blurb did not sell it to me at first. However, Frightfest fans assured me it was one of their favourite films from Frightfest Glasgow, so I settled down to watch. I was not disappointed.

Jack is a man without purpose and, judging from the rejection of his requests to couch surf and endearing conversations with a toilet - a man without many friends. He is sent to clean up a house and find out why so many tenants leave.

Once there, spectral agent Muriel (note - ghost is so not PC in the afterlife) has to haunt him until he leaves, so she gets to keep the house to herself. Except she is quite nice and he is not afraid. The two bond and fall in love. Even Muriel's boss, Ms Henry, calling in reinforcements in the form of Rosie, does not drive these two lovebirds apart. Of course, the living and the dead cannot coexist. Therefore Jack is faced with a decision to join Muriel in the afterlife. You should be aware that this may be triggering for some so proceed with caution.

This was a very sweet and touching film that genuinely played with a full range of emotions. The beginnings of the haunting had my heart pounding. There were some genuinely funny moments, especially the plethora of questions Jack has for Muriel, and the touching scenes which may lead to tears if you are a romantic at heart.

The black and white cinematography worked well and gave a quality that is often lacking in micro-budget films. The scoring and music worked beautifully.

My only criticism comes from the lack of depth and development from mutual interest to a love relationship. Whilst all romantic comedies see their characters fall head over heels at breakneck speed, there are normally a few key scenes where you get a sense of that love growing and developing. This meant that Jack's decision at the end seemed somewhat rushed. But as I have already said, it was an enjoyable film with likeable characters so I am sure you will easily overlook this point.

You can watch Adam Stovall chat more about the film at Frightfest Glasgow below

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