All about Horror Girly

I'm Heather Byrnes, a horror lover and aspiring film maker.

My love of horror began way too early.  I remember having nightmares as a child and wandering downstairs seeking comfort from my mother who would be ironing clothes to  The Thing, The Fly and Alien.   In my teen years, most cinema tips were to see films such as Scream and Final Destination.  I was later to fall in love with J-horror after seeing The Ring and The Grudge.  ​ I soon tired of mainstream horror franchises and focused on indie horror.

People seem shocked when I say I love horror.  After all I am a super feminine woman.  Aren't girls meant to be nice and easily scared by spiders? 


F**k gender stereotypes right?

  The need for revenge, anger, obsession, is something ingrained into us all.   Horror allows us to indulge those darker aspects of ourselves.


I started Horror Girly in Jan 2020 to talk about horror films and film-making. Since then the site has gone from strength to strength. My reviews and interviews featuring on DVD extras, movie posters and Love Horror and we are regularly contacted by festival organisers and press.   

Because Horror is Life.